QarVision™ Remote Elevator Monitoring
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QView™ On DragonFly™

Worldwide there are millions of people, making millions of journeys in millions of elevators. And more are installed every year. They are sophisticated but they are mechanical and daily use takes its toll; motors burn out & people get trapped. So, how do you watch your equipment, how do you know when something is wrong?

One way is to use a remote elevator monitoring system, a combination of sensors and circuits designed for the job. It never sleeps. It never gets bored. It never goes on holiday. Or gets sick. The system is there for you working 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to. Remote elevator monitoring is there for peace of mind. Now you know for certain that all is well. And when it’s not, you’re informed. Immediately.

So what else does a remote elevator monitoring system give you?

Well, it’s monitoring the performance of your elevator all the time. It might tell you that something is going wrong before it actually does. It could prevent a call out and shut down in the first place. Then, if something does go wrong and an engineer is called to site, at least he comes armed with all the facts, a performance history that helps him diagnose the problem quickly and get it sorted. Then there are intermittent faults. They’re hard to find but a detailed log of what’s happened before saves wasted trips to wait to see it happen again.

So, in short, any remote elevator monitoring system can be a building owner or elevator contractor’s best friend, detecting faults, preventing callouts and saving time by recording data.

Qameleon™ Technology Inc have such a system. QarVision™ works on its own. It’s independent. It doesn’t interface directly to the elevator controller so you can use it on any elevator you have in your portfolio. It collects its data from a wide range of sensors specifically chosen for the job.

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But that’s not all...

In co-operation with Drucegrove®, Qameleon™ have added more value and now Drucegrove’s market leading TFT screens for elevators, DragonFly™ and Qameleon’s QarVision™ can talk to each other. Put them together and you have:

a state of the art elevator display with video streaming and remote access
a sophisticated elevator monitoring system

and DragonFly™ can act as a window, allowing you to access your valuable performance data collected by QarVision™ without the need for a separate computer.

Amazing! Quite simply, an engineer can turn up on site without a test tool or any idea of the history of faults and access years of data with the aid of a stylus. Open the menu and analyze the data with QView™ on DragonFly™ then swap it back. Once back in service, DragonFly™ becomes a position indicator and QarVision™ collects its data again. Until it’s needed. Simple. But a brilliant way to get more value from your equipment and future proof your investment in both.

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